Rental Units

Sentry Self Storage specializes in meeting your needs.

Check out our variety of unit sizes.

The 10×5 unit is similar to a WALK IN CLOSET. This unit can hold a couch and chair, chest of drawers of dress, mattress set, plus small items and boxes. Outdoor furniture, garden tools, bicycles and motorcycles..


The 10 x 10 unit is similar to an AVERAGE SIZE BEDROOM. It can hold furniture from a one bedroom apartment without large appliances, also small items and boxes.


The 10 x 15 unit is similar to a LARGE BEDROOM and can hold furnishings from a 2 bedroom apartment, with appliances, boxes, and other small items. This unit can also be used to store a small car or truck.


The 10 x 20 unit is similar to a SMALL ONE CAR GARAGE. This unit can store furnishings from a small house with appliances and boxes, or a car, truck or boat.


The 10 x 30 unit is similiar to a LARGE ONE CAR GARAGE. The largest unit, it can hold furniture from a three-bedroom house with miscellancous items and boxes. This unit can also hold the contents of a 40 foot moving van. Vehicles, boats and RV’s may also fit depending on height of the vehicle.